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What We Do

We service some of the biggest builders in the Southwest Washington and Portland Metro area

From the field to the office we have 3 unique focuses that keep us the preferred excavator for homeowners and builders alike:


People, Products, Services


Capacity, Knowledge, Schedule Driven


Quality, Processes, Price


New construction and production housing is the heart of our business. Like a well oiled machine on an assembly line, our crews are producing every stage of a new home right on schedule. 

Custom & Specialty 

Right at the onset of your project, give us a call for a free onsite consultation. Our team is here to help you by using our knowledge and experience to create a masterplan that will allow you to fuse your project's vision with the budget to achieve your masterpiece

Rock Walls & Retaining Walls

Rock or Boulder walls are one of the most cost effective walls you can build and create a natural, non-manufactured look to increase the value of your property

135G Rockwall.JPG

Ready to get started?

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